Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today we'll take a look at sexy cosplays featuring Catwoman, the sultry vixen from DC Comics. In the New 52 relaunch, artist Guillem March has taken up the sequential panel-drafting duties. And he certainly does an outstanding job - some samples of his work will be shown below. I've gathered some of the most alluring pictures of Catwoman from the Web and I've enhanced a few of them, to bring up their quality / appeal. The latex models shown are Bianca Beauchamp and Yaya Han [two young ladies that have been featured in this blog previously], along with Sophie Monk and Halle Berry [who starred in the Catwoman 2004 movie]. Also there are a few other models that will have to remain nameless for now - their cosplay pics had no name linked to them, when I discovered them.





And here is Catwoman comic art by Guillem March [shown below]:
Those following the New 52 storyline of Catwoman [aka Selina Kyle] are probably aware of the engrafted sexual content scripted by writer Judd Winick into the storyline. It seems to be a fully sanctioned part of the story, receiving the green-light from the DC Comics publishers who want to create something that generates a buzz amongst fanboys on the Web. I really have no comment on that issue at this point - and honestly I have not read a single issue of the new Catwoman, because it didn't appeal to me that much. When the current story arc is complete, I'll take a closer look at the graphic novel and give you a more comprehensive overview.

Anne Hathaway, the new Catwoman actress is shown here, in a candid behind-the-scenes look at the Dark Knight Rises 2012 movie, while she rides the "bat-cycle"; her latex costume certainly doesn't look as flashy/shiny as the costumes worn by the ladies shown above. I assume that issue is of no consequence, as long as she does a damn good job in her acting role. When she showed up at the Spike Video Game Awards last year, she looked rather fit, having squared shoulders. No doubt she certainly had to put on some extra weight and body mass for the female heroine role. The details on her classic love-hate relationship with Batman are still quite classified. But every question will be answered later this year when the new Batman movie is released, on the 20th of July, 2012.

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