Sunday, March 18, 2012


 Power Girl, Black Cat, The Defenders and Songes Coraline!

My art mentor has been very busy lately; Terry Dodson has been working on a series for Marvel comics titled The Defenders, which features a band of superheroes; Dr. Strange, She Hulk, Iron Fist, Silver Surfer and Namor [Marvel's version of Aquaman]. And in the latest issue [Defenders #7], The Black Cat returns. Terry Dodson hasn't drawn her since 2006, and there is a previous article that showcases his classic beautiful artwork of her over HERE.

The image on the left is form a classic Wonder Woman comic by Terry, done back in 2007. Today we'll take a look at a three-phase sequence, showing the pencils, inks and colored versions of the cover for issue #7 by Terry Dodson. We did this sort of presentation previously, in a blog article showing Spiderman Here. And this allows both art fans and fellow artist to behold a classic creative process, which is something that should be respected and imitated. Some artists today use graphic tablets as their drawing boards for creating their comic art. That modern method is optional, yet I still prefer the classic style.


As shown above, Terry has a way of creating lively montages that illustrate both beauty and action simultaneously. He also has a natural flare for drawing voluptuous females. Sometimes he makes them busty, and other times their proportions are more athletic.
Terry's style is his signature; it is distinct and unmistakable. He is a true Cheesecake Style artist, while his wife, Rachel, does the inking of his drawings. And once you're familiar with his work, you can tell him apart from Frank Cho or Chad Spilker very distinctly.

I have often wondered why he didn't emulate the Big-7; the seven artist that founded Image Comics in1992. The current Co-Publisher for DC comics, Jim Lee,  was one of the Big-7, as was writer/artist Todd McFarlane, the creator of Spawn... and most of those guys who dared to break out on their own to found Image Comics became millionaires less than a decade later, as fans showed a true thirst and appreciation for original characters and outstanding art.

Terry Dodson has outstanding art. And I first saw his work back in 1998 / 1999, when he was drawing a teenage team of heroes called Generation X for Marvel. Actually, Terry does have an original creation called Songes Coraline; she is a busty gentle-natured blonde with large breasts and an enticing smile. Caroline is set in a Steampunk World and she is surrounded by other intriguing characters that seem to create a tornado of chaos for her. That graphic novel is worded in French, but hopefully the English version will be released later this year. 

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