Saturday, March 10, 2012


DSNG BOOK 7 NIGHT RIDERS is a New standalone storyline that depicts a culture of speed and adrenaline addiction; it literally showcases life in the fast-lane, highlighting the often gritty side of gang life and the bond of camaraderie that bikers share. In the real world, some gangs are amicable while others can be very rambunctious as they engage in bloody turf wars. Yet as a work of fiction, I’ve taken imaginative liberties in order to create a more fascinating anecdote for the fans to read. The trails from the previous storyline in DSNG Book 6 are briskly touched upon, yet those who are new to the DSNG sci fi universe will still be able to appreciate what is transpiring at this point in the new 530-page ebook at

In this storyline, I've taken time to create layered plots. So while there is Plot A, there is also an ongoing Plot B. And eventually, they will literally collide. But you'll also get a glimpse of some sort of "powerful Illuminati group".... the Galactius Secret Society - and you'll see how their clandestine affluent members pull strings behind the scenes to manipulate economies and governments.

Prince Azzar Omenus is the focal character in this series [he is shown in this Other Article, wearing his black-ops gear]. And most of the storylines are centralized around him and his associates, who reside on planet Avera—one of the 7 major worlds in the Makuran galaxy. This DSNG Book 7 tale actually features Theo, Azzar’s younger brother. And it also showcases a four-armed female Scalatan named Shelly, who was introduced in Book 4 and Book 5 [Shelly is shown over Here].


Fans of "The Art of DSNG" at facebook recognize the wallpaper on the right - which is a modified version of the Campagna T-Rex motorcycle, a Three-wheeled ride. It was the basis for the futuristic sci fi poster on the left, which shows characters from the new DSNG Book 7. From left to right, in the wallpaper: Theo, Shelly, Gigi and Mary Jane. The T-Rex that I designed above, a Taknova Model, is transformable into a jet-mode; hence it has sleek wings and rear thrusters.

Velint, the pink-skinned witty pop-diva, is shown on the cover of the new ebook. This previous article showcased her full profile, along with her two powerful bodyguards, Gildat and Bleekat. Those familiar with this series are already aware that some of the Scalatan names end in a silent "t".

Other familiar faces in this story are Countess Davinat Carter - the female Scalatan mob boss, along with Tek-Hon, a member of the Top-5 bad guys. And you'll also see Ellystra, the powerful female Dinatour. Elly was introduced on the cover of DSNG Book 6, while she and the Countess were featured in the posters HERE. And some relatively new faces like Asumi Kojima, Jax, Mary Jane, and Gigi [who were both shown in the wallpaper above with the Campagna T-Rex] will be introduced in the new ebook.

I do a lot of reading on the side, on a variety of topics. My research on biker gangs and their unique culture inspired this new ebook, which was released a few days ago at And here is the Synopsis for the 530-page ebook:
The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the seventh installment of the DSNG series!

While Prince Azzar Omenus is absent from his home world of planet Avera, his younger brother, Theo, takes advantage of a rare opportunity to spend quality time with the Scalatan supermodel, Shelly, who is visiting the Imperial Palace for a few days. As an Imperial Knight, Asia, Theo’s girlfriend, is on duty tonight; thus she is absent as her boyfriend convenes with her best friend...

Together, Theo and Shelly travel from the palace to a boisterous nightclub. And their activities force them onto the path of a whirlwind adventure that unfolds at approximately midnight. They encounter a gang of bikers [night riders] who are known as the infamous Black Hawks; and this rowdy group is led by a tall guy named Jax and his girl, Mary Jane. Yet Theo and Shelly are completely ignorant of the true activities of this energetic 100-member gang, as they mingle with a host of other night riders at a jubilant midnight rally.

High speed races, explosive chaos, mysterious links and illegal activities all appear to create a maelstrom of volatile chaos, due to the actions of a diabolical biker named Sar, who inserts himself into the dealings at the rally; and Sar’s comlink calls initiate a bloody plot of deception, theft and blackmail. And soon the violent members of the Gorilla rebel militia are drawn into the mix, led by the orders of their greedy Chief Hitman.

Meanwhile, Asia finds herself in a desperate gridlocked situation, as she is assigned the task of transporting a regal package colloquially tagged by military logistics officers as “Pandora’s Box”, from the Lumina Sanctuary to the Imperial Palace. But an elusive man named Carl Rozenberger, a member of the clandestine Galactius Secret Society, is aware of the private itinerary of Asia’s transport; thus he strives to enlist the help of a skilled woman named Asumi Kojima – the wife of the Mr. Kojima, the head of a covert arms smuggling ring who recently fled to Taran in order to escape apprehension by Federal Agents. The Galactius Secret Society have covert rings on planet Avera and planet Taran. And their secretive members have a way of manipulating national economies and governments for their own lucrative purposes.

Yet Carl has no idea that the Gorilla rebels are already targeting properties belonging Asumi, and neither is he aware of how vicious she truly is, or how she will react when he forcefully pushes her into a tight corner... 

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