Thursday, April 26, 2012


I've posted several blog articles in the past featuring  Nicole "Coco" Austin, the wife of Rapper IceT . Today I'm uploading some of her classic pics [and some new ones] showing her as she preps herself for going out to the beach and out to some formal events with her husband.

Coco is a certified Pawg. She was modeling before she met IceT, who currently works as an actor for the Law And Order: SVU Cable TV series. And Coco Austin stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall and her dress measurements are 39DD-23-40.

Per Coco's stunning physique, some people ignorant of her true personality may readily tag her as a dumb blonde; but the truth is, she is a "hustler". And by that, I mean she is an intelligent entrepreneur who readily takes advantage of lucrative opportunities. She utilizes her natural beauty to sell merchandise - magazines, DVDs, calenders, clothing line etc - while fully knowing that young men [and some women] will be rapidly compelled to purchase whatever she markets, as they are visually intrigued by her sexy body. Every guy that buys an issue of Smooth Girl Magazine, King Mag, XXL, Blackmen Magazine etc, with Coco shown on the cover image, secretly longs to bend her over & screw her brains out. But trust me buddy, that's NOT gonna happen. She is happily married to a gangsta rapper / actor, and they are currently god-parents & grand-parents.... can't fully explain it all here; you have to watch the Second Season of their current reality show titled  Ice Loves Coco, which airs on the E! Entertainment Cable Network on Sunday nights I think.


As most young men have noticed, one of the most asstonishing things about Coco is her big booty. Per Coco's own confession, she did get breast implants, but that badunk behind her is 100% real [Unlike Nicki Minaj]. Also, I've added a random Twitter Pic of some random chick on the web, just to show a comparison of how a curvy butt is more of an ethnic / African American feature....


The last three pics in the post are rather NSFW... So you may need to click on the link that says "Read More" to see this rest of this article!

Here are a few more pics of Coco Austin. In the first pic, she is posing by a Bentley Continental GT [more pics of that cool car are over HERE], and she's got on a French maid outfit, with sexy fishnet tights / leggings.  In the middle pic, she's at a spa /poolside, displaying her curvy hourglass figure. And in the last pic, while on a vacation in South Beach Florida, she appears to be using her big butt as some sort of floatation device, as she clings to her husband....


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