Friday, July 13, 2012


You would think that making approximately 1.5 billion dollars in the global box office and having the title of the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time would be enough... but apparently Marvel Studios is still trying to milk The Avengers movie franchise... Check out this poster below for a forthcoming Marvel movie advertised at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con called "ITEM 47".

Per the loose synopsis, this movie will star two youngsters that find an abandoned laser blaster gizmo formerly used by a Chitauri warrior [one of the minions that were part of Loki's Alien Army]. And it will also feature a pair of SHIELD Agents, who are trying to reclaim that gizmo as classified evidence.

Check out the summary below given to Entertainment Weekly:
Directed by Marvel co-president Louis D’Esposito, the premise of Item 47 is that a not-so-ethical young couple (Party Down‘s Lizzy Caplan and Flags of Our Father‘s Jesse Bradford) recover one of the lost alien weapons and figure out how to make it work. Then, of course, they have to figure out what to do with it — and their solution is a life of crime.
S.H.I.E.L.D. agents played by Lost‘s man-in-black Titus Welliver, and Maximiliano Hern├índez (reprising his role as Sitwell from Thor and The Avengers) are assigned the task of stopping them and getting the weapon back.

There is no word on a release date for that Avengers spin-off yet... but if Marvel doesn't take care and do it right, they'll just end up shooting themselves in the foot and wasting their money. The Avengers 2012 Movie was literally a masterpiece, and I wrote a long positive review full of screenshots about it over HERE. And a masterpiece  usually doesn't need any sloppy additions to make it perfect, since it stands on its own as a classic.

EDIT: Per a later panel discussion at Comic Con, this spin-off movie will be part of the Blue Ray DVD release of The Avengers, slated for later this year. And the story is set upon the classic "Bonnie & Clyde outlaw robbers" theme. 

On a more positive note, there was one panel on Thursday the 12th of July that had fanboys & girls applauding with joy and roaring with laughter, while their hearts were overflowing with eager anticipation.....

Per the star-studded Expendables 2 cast, this forthcoming movie is destined to be filled to the brim with explosive scenarios and bad-ass features.
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Remember he said, "I'll be back,"... and the Governator was welcomed back with a thunderous applause when he walked into Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center! Additionally, MMA warrior Randy "the Natural" Couture is in the movie, as is Dolph Lundgren, a famous villain from the 1985 boxing movie Rocky IV [Sylvester was the star of that classic cult movie, battling for the USA]. Jason Statham, aka The Transporter, also returns in this sequel - although he was not at the Convention.

Check out these cool Behind-The-Scenes posters and wallpapers from the Expendables 2 movie showing Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Crews, Nan Yu, Sylvester Stallone and the rest of the main cast!


The infamous martial artist "Boyka" [actor Scott Adkins] is a bad-ass bad guy in this movie and he is the right-hand man of the ruthless main villain, who is played by Jean Claude Van Damme.

Terry Crews, the muscle-ripped brother, was also there for the panel discussion in Hall H as well. And several lucky fans in that auditorium got to see exclusive footage from the forthcoming EXPENDABLES 2 movie - which is slated for release on August 17th 2012.

Brief History Notes on Martial Arts Legends: 

Having grown up in the 80s and watched martial arts actors like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and Cynthia Rothrock in their primes, I have always been a fan of action flicks, especially when they featured mixed adrenaline shots of karate, kung fu & other elements that made young hearts to leap with excitement. Jackie and Cynthia did a ton of movies in the 80s & 90s, without the elaborate cable-stunt-rigs that have plagued many martial arts action flicks in recent times. Check out some classic footage of the blonde chick Cynthia Rothrock [the lady who inspired the Mortal Kombat character "Sonya Blaze"] back in the day, doing her thing, with another female legend named Michelle Yeoh:


Having acted in 50 karate movies starting back in 1985, Cynthia was doing 4 to 5 action movies a year, in her prime [she did a ton of them overseas in Hong Kong]. A lot of the action-flick newbies don't know her, but those old-school Martial arts fans who appreciated her raw talent will probably love Expendables 2, because of the raw old-school action  in it. And BTW, Jackie Chan has starred in over 100 movies - and he started as a young lad back in 1962, doing dramas rather than action.

And now that the history lesson is concluded, we return to the topic at hand -

Along with "Mr. Die Hard Himself" Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude Van Damme [who has starred in over 50 B-rate and C-rate Martial Arts flicks over the years] will be in the EXPENDABLES 2 as the main bad guy; while Chuck Norris [who fought against the Legendary Bruce Lee back in the day, and the only man alive who has probably killed a giant Grizzly Bear with his bare hands] is also in that movie, as a machine-gun-toting good guy.
And there are lots of big guns in this movie, along with flashy karate scenes courtesy of Jet Li and Van Damme, plus tons of phenomenal explosions - everything needed to put a smile on a guy's face.
If you are not excited about this update.... then bless your tender lil' heart, the Twilight Saga is now on DVD, so you don't have to be sad :)

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