Monday, February 18, 2013


Today I'll present one of the most enigmatic female characters in the DSNG Sci Fi Megaverse: Ms. Zevah Sparks! Zevah was introduced in the new ebook DSNG Chronicles Book 9 [shown in this previous article] and she is a member of the Top 5 villains in the sci fi series. She's the only female member of that elite group of Gorilla operatives; and there's a reason why she adamantly stands with the big boys.

Zevah is an incandescent being; and that means she burns and glows white hot [she is over 10-times more potent that Marvel's Human Torch aka Johnny Storm]. And her powers are linked to her innate biothermal potential. Most of the heroic DSNG characters like Prince Azzar Omenus have their own unique biotermal abilities, so that they can project fireballs, or generate fiery orbs around their arms or feet. But Zevah's powers are virtually on another level. She's basically a walking human flame that can explode with dynamic fury. Having long white hair and a striking hourglass figure, she has light-blue skin like a sexy female Nauticon [an alien woman from the aquatic planet Macur]; yet Zevah is actually an Averan by birth. Her skin discoloration was due to her powers. Of course she was treated like a freak by her peers throughout high school [back then she had long, straight, black hair and she dressed like a Goth chick, even though she was quiet, shy and kind]. And as a young lady, she worked with a traveling circus for many years. The owner of that circus was a blue-skinned Entradan man named Vincenzo Di Carlo [and he was introduced back in DSNG Book 8].

The name "Zevah" means "Splendor"; and most of the men that gaze at her are usually enamored by her beauty and consumed with desire for her voluptuous body. And from the wallpapers above, it's evident that she knows how to dress in order to show off her boobs, hips, thighs and the rest of her alluring curves. But despite her good looks, Zevah is a notorious killer, a Merc with blazing abilities, who is known for often delivering lethal kisses - thus she'd transfer her scorching powers through her mouth and burn the throat and lungs of her naive male victim, causing his instant death. Along with generating blazing fireballs that she projects in a machine-gun style, she can fly and can also generate energy shields, or engulf her entire form in a blazing cocoon of searing heat. Zevah is actually a Fiery Super-Woman with a short temper... sometimes she's seductive and other times, she's completely ruthless. But she also has a heart, which her teammates sense. That feature makes her a bit of a matriarch for their group and the other elite Gorilla operatives respect her and her opinion.

As I said initially, she is enigmatic and quite mysterious; Zevah does not really enjoy talking about her past. And after she left the traveling circus, she had a lot of "dark years". There's so much more to her character than I can write here. A lot of things happened in her dark years that affected her sharp personality change, including various relationships that hurt her. All of the characters in the DSNG saga have unique backgrounds and personalities, which I present in the books because that medium gives me more space / freedom to showcase their candid stories in a broad creative way.

Zevah is quite a mystery to her peers, since they don't know what her real last name is. She's the one who tagged herself as "Ms. Sparks the Living Flame" years ago, when she was a young circus entertainer. But today, she's known as "Ms. Sparks the Killer"; since she takes up gritty jobs to terminate high-priority targets. And she gets paid damn well to do it!

Make sure you check out DSNG Chronicles Book 9 to see Zevah in action! And stay tuned for more character bios!
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