Monday, July 29, 2013


Most of the fans on facebook have heard that the new ebook DSNG Chronicles Book 10 was released on Amazon over the past weekend. The link to that ebook is over Here.
And in this new 630-page story, Prince Azzar Omenus [the main protagonist] is drawn into an investigation that links him to two lovely Scalatan ladies. The first lady is Deelilah Kerrchof, who made her debut back in DSNG Book 8 [and the previous blog article with pics from that ebook is over Here].
Deelilah is a flashy young lady from a filthy rich pedigree, and she has red hair and lovely pink skin. And Deelilah is a venture capitalist, who buys up faltering firms and transforms / upgrades them, before marketing their new products with a dynamic makeover.
Tori Lox is Deelilah's personal assistant / secretary and bodyguard. And Tori is trained in lethal martial arts, as well as in handling diverse firearms; and Tori has alluring purple skin. Both of them are shown in the pinups below, along with unused sample covers for DSNG Book 10. And the last poster was chosen as the cover image:


And although Deelilah and Tori look like sisters per their similar sexy physiques, they are like night and day, in terms of their diverse personalities.
Tori is disciplined and direct in her speech, while Deelilah is rather flamboyant - and she often loves acting like she's in a Shakespearean play. Tori is an introvert, while Deelilah is an extrovert. And while Tori enjoys quiet evenings with a glass of wine beside an indoor pool, Deelilah prefers partying with a wild crowd on the top of a tall building with loud music.

Nevertheless, they are almost like sisters. And in DSNG Book 10, after death-threats are made on Deelilah's life by an evil individual, the rich young Scalatan lady contacts Prince Azzar, seeking his help. Azzar, a super soldier, considers Deelilah as one of his trusted allies, despite her eccentric ways. Thus he steps up to the challenge and that leads to an explosive adventure.

Beyond those two intriguing Scalatan ladies, there are other characters featured in the new book 10, including old faces [like Sargon, Mia, Obed and Elena] and some new faces [like The Tank, and the Blackthorn Clan]. I probably should do a separate article featuring Mia; she's the lady that Prince Azzar is currently dating and she looks just like Buffie the Body, in terms of her sexy hourglass figure.

Anyway, this book 10 is not the end of the sci fi series. Consider it a new beginning, as a lot of puzzle pieces have been gathering slowly since the first book. And DSNG is a continuous saga, so you can expect lots of action-packed adventures to come in the future!

Here is the Synopsis for the new ebook, as presented in the description at Amazon:

The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the tenth installment of the DSNG series! After some startling violent attacks at different venues by a massive alien creature tagged as a vicious razerback, Prince Azzar Omenus gets a distressed call from one of his trusted allies, a beautiful pink-skinned Scalatan lady named Deelilah Kerrchof. And the lovely female CEO appears to be in need of his powerful assistance, in order to protect her from some recent lethal threats that were strangely linked to the enigmatic razerback. Hence the regal soldier soon embarks upon an arduous investigation to find the devious sponsor of the fanged eldritch werewolf.

Simultaneously the young Alpha Senturi soldier named Sargon Nexzon—one of the soldiers mentored by the Prince—gets a separate call from Rebba Gerradez, a distressed professor. And that call draws Sargon to the site of his former grad-school college campus, in order to investigate the deaths of several graduate students and security guards. And when Sargon finally starts asking hard questions to Rebba and the other eyewitnesses, it appears that there is more to this case than meets the eye—and even the federal investigators at the site appear to have their own agenda, thus further complicating things for Sargon.

And as the two disparate investigations progress, neither Prince Azzar nor Sargon are fully aware of the devious web of chaos and destruction that they’ll inadvertently find themselves drawn into, as they travel throughout the mega state of New Romania, hunting the mysterious razerback and its elusive sponsor…

Meanwhile, over on the colonized moon Yantos, Yatzat’s day of sentencing has finally come; and she eagerly anticipates being exonerated from all blame, at the venerated Zarchon tribunal. But things soon take a sharp turn for the worse; and it appears that she is destined to be mercilessly punished for the past crimes that she was forced to commit, when she was a captive working for the Gorilla Rebel Militia…

- Part 10 of 10 e-books. Rated M for Mature; 630 pages

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