Monday, October 9, 2017


“LOYALTY IS FOR THE WEAK. VALOR IS FOR THE FOOLISH. ALL THAT MATTERS IS POWER!” ~ Quote, Hunter Shockwave [Post-Transformers Prime Era]

All right, this time I wanted to paint a custom that was fully original, per the accessories. This Hunter Shockwave was built upon the Transformes Prime Voyager Shockwave toy. Initially he was painted with a purple and gray scheme. So I gave him a full repaint and spray-painted him with Tamiya silver / chrome, and then I added gold accents, along with some silver highlights. Yet he looked rather plain, per his metallic color scheme [if you are familiar with the original G1 cartoon, then you know that the Key to Vector Sigma has the power to turn matter into metal, and Megatron once tried to use it to turn the Earth into a new Cybertron, hence my Shockwave has be infused with that metallic power, and it affected his color]. Therefore, I decided to weather him, and I used Tamiya metallic grey.

Lastly I added Tamiya Gloss black, which is shiny like crude oil. It is stained upon his legs, his left blaster, his boots and a bit of his body [front and rear sides]. But the oil is from stomping upon his fallen Autobot opponents, so it had to be splashed more on his legs and lower body. In his right arm, His handheld arm-cannon came from the Voyager Sharkticon Megatron, the one with the awful colors. And he has another lengthy custom blaster cannon attached to his forearm. Hence he can generate a special scissors-effect with those two blasters on his right arm – so one cannon can aim upwards, and the other can shoot downwards simultaneously. He has some extra three-part Gundam wings, which are attached to his rear tank-treads, on the left and right sides of his standard backpack. His shoulders have some new mini-gattling guns as well, pointing upwards.



Along with two Dr. Wu swords and a small shotgun holstered at his back [placed vertically right beside one of those swords], Shockwave also has a large blaster, sourced from the Marvel Legends Cable toy, adhered via a magnet to his left arm-cannon, which replaces his left arm. And that left arm-cannon was heavily customized with putty and polystyrene pieces, so it is bulkier than the standard one.

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 Thanks for checking him out! And here is the short story that I wrote about him:


After growing utterly loathsome of the endless failures of his liege, Shockwave the Scientist returned to Cyberton, only to hear that Megatron had finally been defeated by Optimus Prime and his Autobot strike team. Yet a certain new leader of the Deceptions has arisen here on Cybertron, one that Shockwave does not trust, per the dark energon that constantly radiates through his optical sensors….

Forlorn and frustrated by the cards that had been dealt to him by the merciless hand of fate, Shockwave turned his back on his surviving battle brothers, and he departed on a pilgrimage across the ravaged robotic planet. While being relentlessly pursued by Ultra-Magnus and some of the reassembled Wreckers, Shockwave encountered the scattered hordes of Tarn and the other former members of the infamous Decepticon Justice Division, who were hiding within a crashed Bulk Cargo Dropship, located at the rear of a spaceship graveyard site with numerous scattered wrecks. Within the main hull of the rusty derelict transport, Tarn and his crew offered Shockwave a hand of fellowship.

But he declined the offer, fearing that they just didn’t have the militant numbers or the sustaining energon reserves to combat the forthcoming Autobot hunters. And that night, Shockwave embarked upon a dangerous pilgrimage… which led him close to some uncharted regions of the living planet’s core. And down there, after surviving an endless swarm of brain-warped Insecticons and ravenous sharpnel drones, he found what he desperately sought: The Legendary Key to Vector Sigma! And after fusing his weary inner spark with that ancient artifact, Shockwave soon experienced an evolution of his entire exo-frame. And he manifested a new silver-toned body armor - a nanoplated suit that covered his form and it gave him a symbiotic relationship with the Key’s flowing metallic essence.

And now, with new power surging through his cyber-frame, Shockwave became a relentless slayer; a slayer of all those bots that opposed his new trajectory, whether they be Autobot or Decepticon! His boots have been stained with oil, the lifeblood of those that he has slain. And his soul has been tainted with pride, as his lust for supremacy has arisen. Tarn and his supporters has fled from him in fear. And after their brutal skirmishes against Shockwave, the Wreckers have also started falling back, as they send out distress calls for reinforcements. The body of Springer lies fallen in Shockwave’s rear wake, while the skull of Bulkhead is a disdained crumpled trophy buried beneath his feet. And the fleeing Ultra-Magnus has sworn to avenge his fallen brothers one day...

And now, with his unwavering mindset, Shockwave forges onward, moving on a new savage path; a path that will lead him to a confrontation with the current leader of the Decepticons… Galvatron! Yet that will not be an easy task… hence the Decepticon scientist decided to utilize one of his cloning chambers, similar to the ones he utilized for reviving the Predacons back on Earth… and soon he contrived the two Megatronus Repliods, clones which are fully submissive to his will!


 “MARCH ONWARD, MY MINIONS! CRUSH THOSE WRETCHED AUTOBOTS! TILL ALL ARE NONE!” ~ Quote, Hunter Shockwave [Post-Transformers Prime Era]