Friday, January 21, 2011


Sexy pinups of Marvel Comics sultry vixen

All right, today I'll showcase some of my fav pics by pro artists, featuring the Black Cat [aka Felicia Hardy, from the Spiderman comic universe]. Her scripted Marvel origins differ, but according to the '90s cartoon history, she got her powers from the same super-soldier serum that created Captain America. Not sure if she ages like a regular human, but she's definitely a sexy heroine. The recent commission I did is added to the showcased set below.

Pic 1 by Mark Brooks
Pic 2 by Marcio Abreu
Pic 3 by Ron Adrian
Pic 4 by J Scott Campbell
Pics 5 & 6 by Terry Dodson [the pro I consider a mentor]
Pic 7 by Adriana Melo [pencils] & Norman Wong [colors]
Pic 8 by David Finch
Pic 9 by Chris Stevens
Pic 10 by Artgerm
Pic 11 by Candra
Pic 12 is a Black Cat Cosplay by Lady_I_Hellsing
Pics 13 & 14 by DSNG Artist






More Black Cat posters - These comic book covers were done by Terry Dodson:


 Next, these two covers were drawn by Terry Dodson [his wife does the inking] for the Marvel Knights Spiderman Graphic Novel; while the third pic was done by me, DSNG Artist.


The daughter of a world-renowned cat burglar, Felicia Hardy followed in her father’s footsteps by embarking on a life of crime, originally taking on the guise of “Black Cat” in order to break her father out of prison before he died. It was on that very same night that she first encountered Spider-Man, an encounter that would impact both her romantic life and her criminal career. She felt an immediate attraction to Spidey, later learning that the attraction was mostly for the mysterious adventurer than to the man behind the mask. In fact, she begged him to put the mask back on, not wanting the mystique to be ruined by the thought of him being just some average Joe. While their relationship didn’t work out, it helped in her turn from criminal to hero, leaping to the other side of the fence to become a costumed super heroine. Although she fights for the good guys these days, she is far from de-clawed.

The Blackcat is an iconic female, and she is one of the most popular women in the Marvel Comics universe. 
Second Black cat article with artwork:

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