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The Centura Elites!

The Centura [aka the Averan Military] is divided into three distinct military groups:
  • The Nova XSI soldiers
  • The Imperial Knights
  • The Alpha Senturis
The first group are local law enforcement officers. And the second group are Heavy artillery and InterPlanetary [IP] warfare soldiers. The third group are specialized assassins, sponsored by the nation. The Alpha Senturis are trained to conduct espionage missions in order to quail pending militant storms, sabotage terrorist strikes and prevent conflicts that would adversely affect the Averan throne.

There are two distinguished Generals and a host of Commanders collectively leading the national military divisions. Most of those that attain lofty ranks are super soldiers, capable of a variety of phenomenal feats. One does not need to have special abilities to join any of the three Centura divisions, but it is a requirement to ascend to elite status. There are male and female elite soldiers, as gender discrimination is virtually an absent concept in the Averan military.

And at the helm of the Centura, there are a group of super soldiers that are regarded as the Top 5 [shown in the sci fi wallpaper below]:

From left to right:

1. Barak Konnrad [Commander, Nova XSI Troopers]
                             [Height: 6 feet 9 inches, Weight: 368 pounds]
                             [Weapon held: Bersachi Alamo XV85, aka The Big Alice] 

2. Trent Terronus [Commander, Imperial Knights]
                           [Height: 6 feet 5 inches, Weight: 278 pounds]
                           [Weapon held: Two Rango R40 blasters, automatic shotguns]

3. Vince Garroth [Commander, Alpha Senturis]
                          [Height: 6 feet 5 inches, Weight: 245 pounds]
                          [Weapon held: Ciko1500-H laser handgun, plus katana blade]

4. Wes Ezen [General, Imperial Knights]
                    [Height: 6 feet 4 inches, Weight: 270 pounds]
                    [Weapon held: Ciko1500 laser rifle, custom]

5. Obed Primon [General, Imperial Knights]
                         [Height: 6 feet 6 inches, Weight: 290 pounds]
                         [Weapon held: Ciko-Avenger laser handgun]

             [Commander Trent, General Obed and General Wes are shown in the triple set of pics above]

They are formidable fighters and war veterans, each having impressive capabilities. Their amazing exploits are well documented in the archives of the Averan Historical Center. And these feats place them in an exclusive category, as they stand amongst the most powerful men on the planet. Energy pulse projection, shield generation and flight are amongst the powers that they individually possess, in varying degrees. They also have special abilities that are as unique as their personalities.

Vince is the fastest member of the group. Trent is the fearless one, with incredible abilities. Obed is a mighty brash bull; the sort of guy that breaks your back first, and asks questions later. Wes is a strategic genius, the wisest of them all. Barak is the most patient one; and he's also the most powerful, despite his relatively slow pace.

Yet they are not immortals; hence they do need to eat, sleep and rest. And they utilize sleek armor and weapons when going into combat. They are all featured in DSNG CHRONICLES Book 1.

The image above showcases the three military groups, while also describing some of the tasks that each division engages in. They also have standard colors, tied to the body armor [mostly light, sometimes heavy] worn by the soldiers enlisted in the individual groups. Most of these helmets have internal, dynamic, heads-up displays that are activated via voice-commands. And those multiple digitally enhanced screens showcase active details like zoomed optics, Infra-Red readings, climate and elevation, GPS maps, bio-scans, open comlink channels and the like.

The helmet/armor colors are reflected in the combat attire worn by the Top 5 shown above.

Prince Azzar Omenus [the main character in the DSNG series] is not part of the Top 5. Azzar is an Alpha Senturi by training and he is a distinguished Centura elite soldier, yet his comprehensive abilities place him above the Top 5. His gifts come from his regal pedigree, as he is directly tied to the national throne.
And King Titron Omenus [Azzar's cousin] is regarded as the most potent Averan alive, per the massive biconcave blasts that he can emit from his palms at will.

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