Sunday, June 12, 2011


Domino aka (Neena Thurman) is a feisty comic character owned by Marvel Inc. and she's actually a B-class character with A-class potential [that means she more of a sidekick than a focal heroine]. Someone like Wolverine is an Alpha --> an A-class character, even though he works in teams; yet he always stands out as a bad-ass.


Domino has excellent hand-to-hand combat skills and is often presented as a marksman / sniper for the X-men / X-force. SHe often comes across a Special Forces / Black-ops soldier, who still has a sexy appeal. And in the original storyline, she was the girlfriend of a guy named Cable. She has peculiar jinxing powers that alter probability, meaning that bad things happen to her opponents when they get around her. Thus in a shootout, the gun of her foe has a 99% probability of jamming right before a kill-shot is issued against her, and that foe will probably trip and fall as well when they try to flee, making them an easier target for her. That's definitely some A-class potential, because she could probably kill a host of sadistic super villains in a 1-on-1 contest. But of course, I'm not a writer for Marvel. I write the dynamic ebooks for DSNG sci fi series.

The pic below was also showcased in a music video with other sexy superhero chicks I've drawn, posted over here:


EDIT: The Mystique poster was added recently. I drew this during the same period in which the Domino pic was done [both pics were posted it at DA]. Figured I'd toss it up here, as more eye candy per the "superhero girls with guns" theme...

In the classic Domino pic above, she's presented as a sexy sniper with a 50 caliber heavy machine gun [often abbreviated as a HMG], probably a variant of the Barrett M82. That particular weapon was utilized in the movie Smokin' Aces [released back in 2006] where Alicia Keys' partner in crime used the large machine gun to shoot into a lofty hotel room, from another adjacent hotel room in a building less than 500 feet away... at that close range [relative to the full lethal range of the weapon] the large bullets were knocking the Feds across the room per the immense impact from the instant kill-shots.

More pics of Domino from the Web:

OK, the third pic doesn't have Domino in it... but its got a bunch of other sexy chicks from Marvel comics drawn by Terry Dodson, my art mentor. His stuff is categorized as Cheesecake Art, along with the works by the "Monkey Man" Frank Cho [the guy who drew the middle poster].

More Domino artwork by Atlanta based pro-artist Mark Brooks, done during his run on the Cable & Deadpool Marvel comics:


More artwork by Terry Dodson, showcased in this blog:

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