Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Emma Frost aka the White Queen

[Above: Classic Images of Emma Frost by the DSNG artist]

Per her sexy design contrived by Chris Claremont [writer] and John Byrne [artist/writer] over 20 years ago, Emma Frost was intended to be a busty female character who was both lethal and sensual. Her powers include immense telepathy - including broadcasting thoughts, mind-control, altering perceptions and memories, psychic shielding etc; and she can also generate a diamond form, which makes her entire skin impenetrable to bullets and other projectiles.

In the forthcoming X-men: First Class movie slated for release in the West on June 1st 2011, Emma Frost is played by blonde actress January Jones. Ms. Jones is best known for her role as Betty Draper in AMCs Mad Men, a cable TV show that’s set during the 1960s in the USA.

January Jones was also cast as the wife of Liam Neeson in the 2011 thriller movie Unknown. Liam also starred in Taken back in 2008 [which I'm still to see, but I heard it was good... so good that there is going to be a sequel]. Here are pics of Ms. Jones:

Anyway, Ms. Jones is a good actress... but I wish they'd cast someone else for the role, who looked a bit more like.... the Emma that gawking fanboys fell in love with on the pages of the Marvel comic books. But I  really can't hate on January, as she is rather petite by nature and there is nothing wrong with that. And as shown in the third pic above, she definitely has the alluring face for the role.

Here is what most fanboys envisioned when they heard of a superhero movie featuring Emma Frost as a lead character [artwork by my mentor Terry Dodson]:



I'll admit that some of the proportions are definitely exaggerated in the above images. But most of the guys who follow this blog probably don't give a damn about that issue. The sexy poster / pinup in the top right amidst this set of four is actually a drawing of a female protagonist in a Steampunk world named "Caroline", an original character created by Terry Dodson; but she looks just like Emma, so she made the cut. Terry's style is actually categorized as Cheesecake Art, and I previously did a lengthy article about that over Here.

I'm not sure why the publishers / creative writers at Marvel always give Emma Frost the classic white-colored attire. I doubt that she needs the color scheme to correspond to her alias, in order for fans to accept her. But with time, the white lingerie, tall white boots, white cape and white corset have all become synonymous with the identity of the White Queen; a character who has been around since 1980 and she's been both a hero and a villain.

Lets hope the forthcoming X-men: First Class movie is worth the hype...

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