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Honestly, this trend is getting to be ridiculous...

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Back in March, TMZ published a list of female celebrities who had pictures and videos stolen from their mobile devices and email accounts by a group of hackers. Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus were mentioned in the probe -- with Hudgens even allegedly sitting down with the FBI to ascertain how her Gmail account was hacked. Scarlett Johannson was listed as well, though -- at the time -- scandalous photos of the Oscar-nominee had not yet leaked online. That changed Wednesday morning.

A pair of self-shot naked cell phone pictures featuring Johansson (or a woman who looks very much like her) are pinging around the Internet, and -- per TMZ -- sources close to the actress are planning to contact the FBI because of the criminal nature of the hack. Whether the photos are real or Photoshopped, however, has yet to be determined.

All right, when I read this I rapidly sought out the wise counsel of fellow readers, who actually bother to take the time to reply to posts like this, at the bottom of the page at the blog. [This was done after I searched for and found the notorious pics, which look 99.9999% like the real Scarlett]. And I later found a few statements out of the list of blog responses that were noteworthy:

A few issues began circulating in my mind after reading this stuff.... Could it be possible that some celebrities actually DO want their nudey pics to leak on the internet, as part of a covert promo for upcoming projects?
Do we all have to take but-naykid pictures of ourselves on our smart phones / tablets and send them to people that we think we're in love with, while hoping that they'll keep the pics secret??
Has any celebrity actually suffered great financial loss and defamation from the leaking of a set of "legit nude pictures" or even a torrid sex tape to the media, which goes Around The World In 8 Seconds as opposed to 80 Days?

Some people really need to Google: "Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee Sex Tape". Or even something more recently known to the I-Phone Generation: "Kim Kardashian Sex Tape with Brandy's brother Ray J".

As much as I don't condone things like chauvinism, misogyny or the violation of personal privacy, I fail to see how the leakage of the nude pics or a sex tape will ruin an actors/actresses career, ultimately causing them to never gain movie roles again.

On that note, I decided to hop on the bandwagon and show the private pics that I've got hidden on MY CELL PHONE. While I cannot show the naked pics of Scarlett Johannson here on this blog [her lawyers are already hunting down the site owners that have been doing that stuff], I can at least give the faithful fans who love this blog a taste of something visually amazing. Now be warned... these are personal / special / private pics showing FLESH.... they will shock and awe you.... and I've NEVER posted them anywhere else.

You may ask: "OMG DSNG Artist! Are these pics of you nude??"
Well... take a look at these three fleshly pics stored on my phone!!:

Obviously that isn't very sharp and that is not Scarlett Johannson. I'll post larger images:


Calm down; I never said it was My Skin in the pics. The first pic is an Italian/American girl, Joana Shari [a real PAWG]. The next image is Denise Milani and the third model pic is Buffie Tha Body. These ladies have posed for Show Magazine, Smooth Girl, XXL, Blackmen SSX Magazine, FEDs Mag etc. Commonly, the pics on your cell phone are usually private and personal. This shows the stuff that I occasionally glance at. And as an artist, it affects my Cheesecake art style.

And for the records, I don't take naked pics of myself... its just pointless and far too duplicitous.

More pics of Scarlett Johansonn from the set of the Avengers 2012 Movie:

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