Monday, September 12, 2011


I went over some classic comics by Pro-Artist Jim Lee over this past weekend and got inspired to do a poster/wallpaper of Batman and Superman. And I've also added some classic posters of the Big Two from DC Comics to this blog post.

 [Superman & Batman Wallpaper / Digital Painting by DSNG Artist]

There are several differences between Batman and Superman. According to their official bios, one is a billionaire playboy and the other is a near invulnerable alien powerhouse.

 [Classic Superman & Batman Superhero Wallpapers / Comic Posters by Jim Lee]

But it's in their innate personalities that they differ the most.
Superman is often teased as being a youthful boy scout per his goodhearted nature/benevolence. And Batman, well he’s really “a rich kid with issues… LOTS of issues” [according to a statement he made in the Justice League Cartoon Series while speaking to Wonder Woman].

But the thoughts of the Dark Knight in the classic Batman Hush Comic Series penciled by Jim Lee and scripted by Jeph Loeb back in 2003 showcase a rather dark side of Bruce’s character. In that storyline, Lex Luthor is President of the United States, Superman is married to Lois Lane, the daughter of Ras A'Gul runs Lexcorp and the rich Bruce Wayne owns Wayne Corp & the Daily Planet Newspaper Company.... Batman and Catwoman team up in that story and they hunt down Poison Ivy and The Joker respectively; although Superman gets brainwashed temporarily by a kiss from Ivy's seductive lipstick. And that leads to a battle between the Big Two.

Zoom-in on the image below of Batman VS. Superman and read what Bruce had to say about his distinguishing mindset, which separates him from the Kryptonian and probably all the other members of the Justice League.  

Those familiar with the Superman Batman Supergirl Graphic Novel by the late Michael Turner will recall how the Dark Knight literally called Darkseid's bluff, forcing him to surrender his grip on the female Kryptonian, or suffer the wrath of an exploding planet per reprogrammed hellspore nukes scattered across the entire face of Apocalypse, which would kill all of them at once [Batman had reprogrammed all of the bombs, before heading out to hunt for the powerful villain; while Superman was chasing after Supergirl, who was brainwashed into an evil pawn]. And Darkseid confessed that Batman had the balls to blow up a whole planet, while Superman and Wonder Woman, who were both more powerful, didn't have the courage to pull off a threat like that.... thus Darkseid disavowed and released Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl.

A Blog Article with cool pics from that confrontation was posted over Here.

It is just more proof that deep down in his heart, Batman is about two degrees away from being a lethal assassin with no conscience... and its obvious that per his skill-set that he'd make a damn good hitman.