Sunday, January 27, 2013


Last week Marvel Comics released a new comic book cover that showcased Wolverine and Storm, engaged in a really romantic kiss [the cover was for Wolverine and th X-men #24]. And now while Valentine's Day is still a few weeks away, I still decided to dive back into the archives of Marvel, to see if this is the first time Storm and Mr. Logan [Wolverine] have hooked up for some spit tradin'.... and as expected, it's not their first time together. Way back in the 90s, Storm and Logan were flirting with each other. And since Storm got her marriage to Black Panther annulled back in 2012, she has been single & ready to mingle for a while now...

And Storm isn't the only one who has gotten to lock lips with Wolverine in the past comics.
Those ladies that Wolverine has kissed / done the nasty with include: 

1. Scarlet Witch [Real name: Wanda Maximoff, shown in the sexy pencil drawing above by Frank Cho]
2. Magda, the Scarlett Witch's Mother [shown in the last steamy image above by Joe Mad!]
3. Typhoid Mary [shown on the right]
4. Viper [Real Name: Ophelia Sarkissian - yes, the word "kiss" is in her last name. She is actually his ex-wife]
5. Black Widow
6. Emma Frost, the White Queen [shown in the wallpaper above]
7. Rogue
8. Jean Grey / the Phoenix
9. Storm [shown above]
10. Tyger Tiger
11. Domino [They hooked up, during their time in X-Force]
12. Remus [Shown in the first pic above, she is the twin sister of Romulus, on Earth-616; She has super-long red hair and mutant powers. She was most recently seen in Wolverine #313]
13. Mystique [HIS ENEMY!! Back in the 90s, She was disguised as someone else, but in the comic he knew her scent... and he screwed her anyway]

14. Lady DeathStrike [Real name is Yuriko Oyama... the comic storylines always show them as enemies - yet they were not always enemies, and they have kissed in one of the cartoons 
15. Itsu Akihiro [his first wife, from Japan - she's dead]
16. Mariko Yashida [Wolverine's hot girl friend, from waaaay back in the 1979 comics, before he got married to Akihiro. Word is, she'll be shown in the next Wolverine movie]
17. Kayla Silverfox / The Silver Fox [she was also shown in the Xmen Origins Wolverine Movie, back in 2005]

18. Shana the She Devil [The legendary Cheescake Artist Frank Cho is currently writing/drawing a new series featuring Wolve and Shana, so SOMETHING is bound to happen between them!]

There are a few other ladies that Wolverine has interacted with, briefly - he had flings with them, but the relationships were never continued [like Snowbird, Seraph, Black Dragon, Rose, Heather Hudson, plus an unknown savage lady, etc]

Wolverine has always been a sort of  snarky cigar smokin' bad boy character, who really doesn't give a damn about anyone else. Thus he's never been known for having long-term relationships. And for those new to this site, the definition of snarky was mentioned in another article, over HERE.
BTW, does anyone realize that Wolverine is tagged as being approximately 5 feet 3 inches tall??? LOL!!!! Guess he's a short, furious, indestructible S.O.B., but he still kicks ass!!

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