Monday, January 30, 2012


Another filthy rich young lady...

Today we continue on the overview articles for the DSNG Sci Fi Series. And we take a candid look at Velint Veraguddon. Her first name is pronounced as "Vel-lean" and she is a four-armed Scalatan with alluring pink skin. Velint made her debut back in DSNG Book 2, having a minor role in the storyline of that ebook. And in the forthcoming DSNG Chronicles Book 7, she has a major role. The classic article on her alien race is over HERE and it includes some data about her elder sister, Voxxy.

EDIT on 03/10/2012: The Article on the Newly Released DSNG Book 7 with more artwork has been posted over HERE!

As showcased by the pinup poster on the left, Velint has an hourglass shape, accentuated by her sexy thighs and big butt. Like all Scalatans, Velint has three fingers on each of her four hands. And perhaps she has a resemblance to Nicki Minaj in terms of her overall physique.... I wrote an article on that gifted & eccentric female rapper HERE.
Although she has the stout horns of a demon upon her head, Velint is a pop-diva with an angelic voice. She also has various intriguing tentacles on her body, and she is completely bald. Velint is the last of eight kids. Her famous father, an adamant polygamist, had five sons and three daughters; and one of Velint's elder brothers is dead, having perished under questionable circumstances.

As the precious baby of the family, Velint is used to practically getting anything she wants at any time; after all, she is daddy's little girl, and her clandestine dad is one of the most affluent businessmen in the four sectors of the Makuran Galaxy. She has a powerful guardian named Gildat [her name is pronounced as "Gill-dah", since the the last alphabet in her name, "t" , is a silent consonant in the Scalatan language]. Gildat used to be a lawyer and she was an avid bodybuilder for many years. Yet these days she happily plays the role of chaperone and personal adviser for the young pop-diva.... and the fact that Velint's father pays her millions annually for the job is probably one of her major incentives.

There is another pink-skinned young lady that accompanies Velint as she travels from place to place performing live shows to support her H-DVD album sales: her name is Bleekat, and she is a professional maid. Thus she gets paid to literally clean up after Velint, taking care of her laundry and cooking anything she desires with the skill of a gourmet chef. But Bleekat is more than a sensual french maid with a sexy latex outfit and a satin underbust lace corset. Bleekat is a highly skilled martial artist, and she commonly steps up to defend the honor of the witty pop-diva, who has a sharp mouth that often invites calamity. Bleekat and Gildat have short hair, and they both have voluptuous bosoms; yet they both do not carry themselves in flirtatious flimsy manners. They are both strong-willed and disciplined and one of them is gifted with telepathic powers...

The sci fi wallpaper / poster below showcases the three sexy female aliens, showing [from left to right] Bleekat, Velint and Gildat.

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...In the wallpaper, Bleekat is shown with two customized katana blades and two sci fi semiautomatic handguns. And Gildat is shown with a custom broad sword along with a laser handgun. All of their weapons are created by a firm called VWS - Vector Weapons Systems - and that is one of the nine mega-corporations owned by Velint's father, Lord Vikktor Veraguddon. You could consider Lord Veraguddon as a sadistic villain, but that would be a great underestimation of his intellect and influential scope. He is separate from the Gorilla Rebel Militia, the main bad guys in the DSNG Sci Fi Series - and the only article that talks a bit about that diabolical group is over HERE. Hopefully I'll produce more articles about the DSNG Villains soon.

There are other cool articles in this blog that showcase pinups and wallpapers of beautiful female aliens, like the one HERE.

This post is Part 17 out of 17 articles. You can catch up on the other articles in this series Overview, by following the sequential links below. And stay tuned for DSNG Chronicles Book 7 coming hopefully at the end of February 2012!