Thursday, June 14, 2012


Those of you familiar with various giant-robot animes know that there are a few female giant mechas, such as the fem-robots in the Shinkon Gattai Goddanner anime series that was launched back in 2003 / 2004 in Japan.
The series stars  Goh [pilot of the male Dannar robot] and Anna [pilot of the female Neo-Okusaer & Go-Okusaer robots] and those two characters get married.... although Anna is about 15 / 16 years old at the time, thus making fans wonder if her husband is a damn pedophile. Anna mother is the sexy & sultry Dr. Kiriko Aoi, who is voiced by Laura Chapman in the EnGRish versions of the anime series. BTW Laura is one of my fav female voice actors, per the deep sultry and often comical nature of her voice. Beyond its abundant fan service, this anime series actually had a strong emotional vibe, and it even had points that were tear-jerkers. Yet it was definitely entertaining from start to finish, and the art style of renowned artist/animator Yasuchika Nagaoka is truly unforgettable.
Anyway, Season 1 & 2 of the Godannar series are available on DVD at most online retail outlets, so you can grab them anytime you feel the urge for a comedic and action-packed sci fi adventure. My focus in this blog article is to showcase Volspina, one of the female Mecha-robot good guys in the anime, and we'll get to her soon.


Anna's voluptuous redhead mother [Dr. Aoi Kiriko] is a very strong-willed female protagonist and yet she is also a Milf, per her busty character design and "Jessica Rabbit mannerisms" [And you should check out a real-life Cosplay of the classic cartoon vixen Jessica Rabbit over Here!]. Kiriko usually helps on the missions by giving commands within the main bridge of the spaceship that serves as a mobile base for the good guys. And she is fond of bossing around her son-in-law, Goh Saruwatari... and she has no problem with putting him in a "face planting bosom headlock" whenever he gets on her nerves.

Now lets move on to the infamous busty giant robot.
This is Volspina, one of the fem-robots from the Godannar anime. She is made up of two robotic parts; and her two pilots are the Russian lady in the skimpy purple bodysuit named Ekaterina [the leader] and Kurachyov [her subservient male assistant]. Not sure how the Japanese animation designers did it, but they actually make Volspina's large breasts jiggle whenever she springs into action [despite the fact that they should be made of solid metal].

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In the last image on the right, two other female mecha robots, the Neo-Okusaer and the Core Gunner, are shown; and they are engaged in a cat-fight.

Volspina is truly one of a kind; I've never quite seen a female giant mecha boob-bot I mean robot designed like this before. Yet she can purely be viewed as the result of a lascivious Japanese man's mind... take a look at her name again: "VOLS-P-INA" - the first five letters are not too far from the hinted word "VOLUPTUOUS". Volspina also has various powerful robotic laser weapons, including some peculiar abilities linked to her huge cleavage, as shown above.
Take a closer look at the multpile screenshots of Volspina below, while Ekaterina [a dominatrix] and Dr. Kiriko Aoi ["the Hot Shounen Mom notoriously known for popping out of her blouse"] are shown below as well:

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