Friday, June 29, 2012


I noticed that the Web has been buzzing over the forthcoming remake of the 1990 cult sci fi classic with Arnold Schwarzenegger titled Total Recall, and this year [on August 3, 2012] Colin Farrell is set to reprise that action hero role, and he is going by the familiar screen name of "Doug Quaid". Other actors in the forthcoming movie remake are Kate Beckinsale [Underworld], Jessica Biel [The A-team], Bryan Cranston, John Cho [Flash Forward], and Bill Nighy. Today we'll take a look at wallpapers of Colin, screenshots of the film's police hovercars and futuristic vehicles, and also the robotic police officers in the movie, which almost remind me of the Star Wars Clone Storm troopers.

Perhaps the biggest pull to the new Total Recall 2012 movie is the current rumor about an infamous 3-boobed chick played by actress Kaitlyn Leeb; yes, she has 3 breasts plastered upon her upper torso [see the pic below]. Dating a human / alien woman who has 3 boobs seems to be tied to the twisted fantasy of the movie director Len Wiseman, the guy behind all of the Underworld movies.... and somehow Len has converted his private dream into a big screen reality :)


Check out the latest Total Recall movie trailer over HERE [it will open in a new window] to see a rather censored clip of the busty lady that catches the attention of Colin Farrell.
This blog is full of futuristic vehicle concept designs, and the Total Recall 2012 movie has quite a few ingenious hovercraft vehicles in it. Check out the screenshots & wallpapers below of the sleek sci fi hovercars used in the movie and notice the unique steering wheel, a W-shaped controller:

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And the robotic / droid police officers do seem to be similar to the Clone Storm Troopers in Star Wars, perhaps because of their glossy armor and their black & white color scheme:


[Below on the right is Kaitlyn Leeb, who showed up at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con to promote the new Total Recall Movie]

In the movie, Kate Beckinsale [shown on the left] seems to be part of the troop of bad guys that are hunting down Colin Farrell, while Jessica Beil is the love interest of Colin, and she is trying to save him. Bryan Cranston [from the TV series Breaking Bad] seems to make a cameo as the head of the police or some ruthless organization, sponsoring the manhunt on Colin. This forthcoming sci fi movie, slated for release on August 3 2012, looks like its going to be action-packed. But there is still no word on whether it will be rated R or PG-13. The rating will make a HUGE difference on what the director will be able to showcase on the big screen... and perhaps the horny fanboys will get to see their perverted fantasy of the lady with 3 boobs....

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