Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A while back I did an article about Frank Cho and his Cheesecake Styled artwork; and in that article we took a look at a Jungle Girl statuette along with She-Hulk comic art by Frank [that previous post is over HERE]. Today I'll just continue traveling down that vein and showcase some art from Frank and some from yours truly, the DSNG Artist [on the left side].
The poster I drew was purely imaginative; Spider-man and She-Hulk have never been known to show tremendous emotions towards one another - and I doubt they've ever shared even a casual cheek kiss. Spidey's tastes in women is something that I've never really explored in depth; but I've noted that he does have a thing for blondes [Felicia Hardy, Gwen Stacey etc]...
Frankly, "one hard hump" from She-Hulk would probably break Spidey's pelvis, but thats another topic for another type of blog.

She-Hulk [Jennifer Walters] was created back in 1980 by the legendary Stan Lee and artist John Buscema. And yes, she does look like a sexy female alien with green skin and huge muscles. Although she is often treated like a B-Class character [a supporter / assistant to the true main protagonist], She-Hulk is a strong character with A-Class potential. She has super strength, speed and agility, along with regenerative healing powers. She is cousins with the original Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner. And over the years, she's had feuds with Rulk, aka the Red-Hulk, combating against him with the help of the Lady Liberators, an all-female group made up of several popular [and unpopular] Marvel Super-heroines.

These next posters and wallpapers of She-Hulk [shown below] were done by Frank Cho a few years ago, in the Hulk #7, Hulk #8 and Hulk #9 comic books from the series tagged as Hulk Volume 2. Most of the time, I've drawn inspiration from the works of my art mentor Terry Dodson [samples of his work are over HERE]. But I will honestly confess that Frank Cho has taught me quite a few things over the years, as I've learned various tricks by observation of his "bodacious curvy works". Frank makes no excuses for drawing voluptuous females with big boobs & big butts, knowing that he is using it as a ploy to get fanboys to buy his art books, comic books and his posters. And that scheme works flawlessly all the time, because men are "visual creatures".


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