Thursday, June 21, 2012


Over a period of time I've gathered some  designs from several respected digital artists, which I'll showcase in this article. These are designs of dragons and mystical winged creatures that inspire me, since DSNG is an original Sci Fi project tagged as Techpunk [explained over Here], yet it also has Fantasy elements intertwined into it. Sometime ago I wrote a separate article titled "The Difference Between Science Fiction and Fantasy" and you can open it in a new window and check it out, HERE.

Staying on topic, there really is no right way or wrong way to draw a dragon, in terms of "fictional accuracy". The depicted mystical creature will always be tied to the innate style of the concept artist, unless you are utilizing a rigidly established reference form, proposed by your boss or employer. Yet there are certain classic features that cause a winged, fanged, serpentine creature to be viewed as a dragon. Take a close look at the dragon wallpaper samples below and you'll notice that they are all different... yet they're still all alike in terms of their generic features.


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There are two Mechanical [MECH] dragons shown above, having metallic alloyed frames and heavy cannons & blaster weapons. This is a very ingenious design, showing the fact that the dragon concept is only limited by ones imagination. Some flying dragons are fire-breathing dragons [commonly red in color] and others are ice dragons [as shown below]. Forest dragons are commonly green or brown, and there are those that dwell in caves or mountains. There are even sea dragons that glide beneath the waves in various fictional tales. As depicted in Fantasy movies, cartoons and video games, some dragons are actually domestic creatures, yet not all of the dragons can be tamed.




Special thanks to Jason Chan, Takayama Toshiaki, Genzoman, Kikicianjur, Sandara, Ryan3D, Kekai, Undergrad,  Roaring from 3dm3, Graven Tung Wyrm, Nick Deligaris, and Emily Fiegenschuh for their outstanding works!

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