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Finished the commission poster of Supergirl, for a die-hard fan... He's the one that requested this particular pose, which would show off her assets...

Supergirl is owned by DC comics and was created back in 1959 by Otto Binder [writer] and Al Plastino [artist]. For a chick that's over 40, she looks damn good. I posted a pic in my Facebook page that showed the preliminary work on this poster, as it was sequentially colored in Photoshop:

The reference image on the right was posted in this blog a few weeks ago:

She has a variety of costumes that have been utilized over the years, along with just as many personas, as depicted by the diverse alternate universes within the DC Comics creative arena.

I've drawn her a few times. Perhaps the most popular Supergirl poster I've done is this one Here, shown at the at the very end of the article. [its the one often utilized as an ID-pic in the  DSNG Facebook fanpage].

Searching for the Furyan...

In other sci fi News, this week Heat Vision reported that Vin Diesel has been elected by MGM studios to star and produce a movie called The Machine . Diesel will play a Pentagon-created robot, who after being scrapped per malfunctions is discovered 20 years later by a kid who takes him into his family. Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant (Night at the Museum) penned the action comedy. While the project has no director yet, the studios want to begin filming in the fall.

This one sounds a lot like The Pacifier to me; the 2005 flick in which Vin played a retired Navy seal assigned to watch over the family of a late US special projects operative, who had been kidnapped [and later killed] while working on a top-secret project for the government. Vin was practically a babysitter with muscles and gadgets in that movie, which eventually grossed about 199 million dollars world wide, based on a production budget of 56 million.

I don't particularly want him to delve back into such family friendly / comedy productions. I'd rather have him go deeper into the sci fi genre, to resurrect his Riddick character.

As a sci fi fan, if you watched The Chronicles of Riddick [TCOR] back in June 2004 when it hit theaters, you were probably impressed even though you may have left feeling a bit confused about the story line. The movie didn't do that well in theaters and it was eclipsed by a certain flick titled I, Robot, released less than a month later in July 2004 - I saw both of them, and they were two sci fi movies that I'll never forget. I was instantly impressed by the Riddick movie and I bought the unrated DVD later that year.

After watching it, I realized that the PG-13 version showcased in theaters omitted A LOT of critical scenes and details that would not only make the movie much longer, but also add substantial information to the focal plot, involving Riddick [the peculiar anti-hero who sees clearly in the dark] and the villain with strength and super-speed tagged as Lord Marshal, ruler of the necromongers.

Per the performance of TCOR in theaters, the sponsoring studio [which I believe was Universal] was reluctant to adopt the script of Riddick Part 2, which had already been written by David Twohy. But after the success of Fast Five this year, apparently Universal is looking more favorably on the Riddick series. Vin also co-produced TCOR which is rumored to have cost 105 million dollars to produce, per the special effects and elaborate props utilized for creating the detailed worlds and spacecrafts shown in that sci fi film [and unfortunately its domestic profit was just under 60 million, back in 2004]. There were two video games that were released after the movie in subsequent years, and they appear to be based on past events in the Riddick universe, such as the main protagonist's tenure in the prison world called butcher's bay.

No release date for Riddick Part 2 has been set, beyond the rumors that Vin is looking to launch that movie in the fourth quarter of this year, hot on the heels of the record setting Fast Five movie [the review I did for that dynamic film is over Here].

I hope Vin Diesel does reprise his role as Riddick soon, as die-hard fans have been waiting a long time for him to do so...

EDIT: [05/27/2011] According to the Vin Diesel Facebook fan page, Riddick Part 2 is seriously being considered!

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