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The Wolf-Hybrids...

Planet Planoris is a massive icy world with five moons, located on the fringe of the Gamma sector. Amongst the many eldritch species that dwell there are the Katarans, the Dinatours, the Iglonoids and the Yetirons. They are all humanoid species - meaning that they walk erect and have sentient minds, like homo-sapiens - although they all look uniquely different.

[Left to right: Chebeyah, and a scenic presentation of Planet Planoris]

The Katarans are wolf-hybrids, and they are a mystical race of hunters, engineers and warriors. The careful fusion of magic and technology have led to nanotech breakthroughs that greatly simply the life of the Katarans as they dwell on a world that has winter temperatures all year round. And some of the earliest forms of advanced thrusters utilized in creating hyper crafts that could fly from planet to planet were contrived by Kataran scientists.

[Sci Fi wallpaper by Artmatica showing an Ice World, similar to the plains of planet Planoris]

The Katarans are a unique race appearing as anthromorphs. They have small snouts, four fingers and four toes, along with tails and sharp ears upon their heads. They are digitigrades; this means that they walk elegantly on their toes. And they are capable of speaking fluently to one another, articulating words with their lips. Yet the octave of their speech is fully inaudible to human ears, and that's where their mystical nature comes into play. The Katarans communicate with other foreign aliens via telepathy, projecting their words into the minds of those beings that they focus upon.

The DSNG Galaxy Map showcases the distant position of Planoris, relative to the core of the Makuran Galaxy. And this planet is one of the largest in the system, having two orbital rings created by small shattered moons that strayed too close to the roche limit of the host planet, per its strong gravitational forces.

Two of the most popular female characters from Planoris are Chebeyah Cut'tushyah and Wandah Konnrad.
Wandah is a surgeon who works at the prominent AMC - the Averan Medical Center. And she was on the cover of DSNG Chronicles book 1. Working as a part of the Averan National Ministry, Chebeyah was also featured in book 1 and she hails from a separate wolf-hybrid tribe - which gives here a different phenotypical look from the female doctor. And Chebeyah was featured on the cover of DSNG Chronicles book 2.


[Above: Wandah on the left and Chebeyah on the right. Then more of Wandah and her big butt :) ]


 [Above: Chebeyah is shown lying down, while Wandah is adorned in a sexy Steampunk costume]

Having a regal persona, Wandah is extremely voluptuous [baby got back] and its part of her heritage. Also, she happily married outside of her race. Wandah's Averan husband, Barak, is part of the Top 5: the five most potent members of the Centura, aka the Averan military. Being an alien woman with an exotic hour-glass figure, she carries herself with a lot of dignity. And strangely she is a bit of a speed-nut, as she's addicted to the sport of exospheric drag racing. Although Wandah resides in the mega city of South Philadelphia on planet Avera, her best friend, Deelah, resides back on planet Planoris. Both Wandah and Deelah are gifted in Phoenix healing techniques, yet those mystical treatments don't always work upon non-Kataran humanoids. And Wandah has a huge crush on Azzar, the main protagonist in the DSNG series.

Chebeyah has a very strong mind and she always projects an extremely disciplined persona. Beyond having the gift of beauty, she is commonly known for her boldness and incisive statements. As the Administrative Assistant of the Averan Minster of Exo R&D, she has a very distinguished post, and most of the workers in that office view her as a respected matriarch per her strong character. Little is known about Chebeyah's mysterious background, and the details of her clandestine family will be revealed over time. Chebeyah is dating Commander Vince, at the onset of book 1. But things go awry between Chebeyah and her beloved before the close of that initial storyline...

[More classic artwork featuring Wandah, Chebeyah and Casey. While Voxxy is the four-armed female Scalatan on the right side of the wallpaper / poster]

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