Friday, July 15, 2011


This movie was hilarious.
It focuses on three different men struggling in three disparate work environments. Veteran actors lend a hand in enhancing the storyline. And the amusing facial transformation for Colin Farrell [shown on the left] was probably the magnetising factor that drew me to the movie theater.

I guarantee that you'll laugh if you watch this movie. Yet I must highlight the fact that you'll have to personally swallow the dark / insidious / sadistic satire streamed along throughout the entire flick. Dark humor is the central theme interwoven in this funny movie, as the three main characters [Jason Bateman, Charlie day, & Jason Sudeikis] are striving to kill their immensely obnoxious bosses without leaving trails that will tie them to the crimes. Slight plot twists, constant foul language, hilarious discussions, sexual overtones and unforeseen homicides are amongst the issues that help to make this movie stand out in an already cluttered summer season of new releases.

Throughout this HB flick, moviegoers were laughing at the statements made by the actors, as they were virtually free-styling at several junctures -- I'm referring to speaking freely outside the confines of the script. You can tell when this happens, because sometimes the stupid shit they say truly cannot be scripted. Shae LaBeouf does this ALL the time, in the Transformers Movie Trilogy.

[Collin Farrell as the "coke sniffing tool-boss", Bobby Pellitt. Just look at that pose... & that forehead. He seems to have a grudge against fat people and those like Charles Xavier who get premium parking spaces - watch the movie and you'll see what I mean]

Jamie Foxx plays a small role in this HB movie as an "ex-con tattooed murder consultant guy" from a rough neighborhood. And the name of his character who has just ended a dime [10 years] behind bars is "Motherfucker Jones". Yes, that was his first name; and he went on to explain exactly how he got that name while at a bar with the three main actors. Jennifer Aniston also did a great job, taking the issue of work-related sexual harassment to a whole new level. Yeah, her performance was undeniably raunchy and overly horny, but she did it exceptionally well, while donning a wig that masked her formerly candid "girl-next-door appearance" known from her stint in the mid-90s hit TV series Friends.

There is a faceless guy who goes by the onscreen name of "George" [hopefully I got the name right] - he is an On-Star support representative / the talking voice behind the auto GPS device, who answers calls made by Jason Sudeikis while he's driving his Volkswagen around - and George makes a huge difference in the movie, before everything is said and done.

I'll point out that one of the horrible bosses gave me a flashback, to another classic movie. Not sure if you guys remember the old flick American Beauty [released in 1999; a movie painted with dark satire, sexual innuendos and slightly sadistic themes], staring Kevin Spacey [who is one of the offensive bosses in this new movie]. Back in 1999, Spacey was the lead man in the AB movie, and he played a guy going through a midlife crisis... his wife ended up cheating on him in that movie, and history repeats itself in Horrible Bosses. HB has already made about 42 million dollars in the US theaters within 1 week; and it may double that tally before its run is over.

Yeah, you can go see it; but like I said, you've got to have a taste for dark humor to fully appreciate it.
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