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Prominent Female Scalatans...

The DSNG sci fi series was designed to inspire and entertain. Yet it is also a portal for imagination, presenting the audience with a glimpse of an alternate reality contrived with ultramodern themes and nanotech innovations. But every distant world needs indigenous inhabitants. And if the inhabitants of the alien world are different from the human race, then there is an opportunity for presenting creative paradigms that showcase something new, different and unique.

The first blog article on the Scalatan alien race was published over two months ago. And within that race there are four distinct family lines, also tagged as the ancient clans:
  • The Veraguddon Clan
  • The Winguddon Clan
  • The Koraxxan Clan
  • and The Maktorran Clan

Although the Scalatan alien race are known for having four arms and extra eyes that replace their ears [their hearing organs are transferred to their "nostrils" as horizontal strips], each clan has peculiar phenotypical distinctions that make them stand out; and this ranges from spikes upon their backs to tails and other light appendages.

Empress Havita Hantraggon [shown above with her golden scepter and regal crown] is from the Winguddon Clan and she governs the planetoid called Darosa - which is one of the 3 moons that orbits planet Taran. Populated by mecha-beings and diverse droids [called the Bions and Trions], planet Taran is the highly advanced sister planet of Avera and it swims around the central star of the Beta Sector.

Havita is often referenced to as the Valderra of Darosa, since the Scalatan word "Valderra" literally means Queen / Her Majesty.

With a financial portfolio tagged as being in the trillions, Havita is virtually viewed as the queen of her small world [she is the largest land and property owner on Darosa, which is a planetoid designed as a massive modern Las Vegas]. She is a woman of immense intellect, class and grace. And she is extremely sexy, having the melodic voice of an angel. Uniquely, the main towering entertainment center / hotel & resort that she owns is a massive dome-shaped facility called the Angel House, and daily it attracts thousands of patrons from across the Four Sectors.

The only problem with planetoid Darosa is that its gates are open to both the good and the bad, since it is virtually a paradise land, where all the torrid, exotic and eccentric fantasies of a man can be met for a steep price. Sometimes the inner well of greed & lust within the heart of an extremely affluent man [or woman] can be completely insatiable. And that means orbital colonies like Darosa have the potential to be havens of peace, or venues that glow with the flames of war...


Two other popular Scalatan females are Shella-Nita [aka Shelly] and Tekshat Zong. Shelly is a supermodel from planet Scalata and she is contracted to Vector Weapons Systems Inc., an advanced weapons manufacturer from her home world. If you've read the past blog article called Exploring DSNG Part 1, then you've seen Shelly before.

And Tekshat is an affluent female attorney with a strong will and a bold personality. She grew up close to the current royal pedigree of planet Avera, and she has personal history with the family of Prince Azzar Omenus [the main protagonist of the DSNG sci fi series].

Those metal hovercrafts behind the Empress are called Exo-drones [spherical robotic sentinels]. There is another large sci fi wallpaper slightly similar to this one above, placed in the blog article featuring the Top 5 Centura elites [the good guys]. And it was posted HERE.

EDIT: A new blog article featuring DSNG Book 6 has been posted, and it includes another large poster with sexy female aliens; its over HERE.

These three sexy Scalatan females shown in the poster above were featured in the storyline of DSNG CHRONICLES Book 4 and Book 5 [both are available for download from as ebooks].



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