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Two Sides to Every Coin...

The concept of two disparate ends of a horizontal spectrum inspired me when pondering how to present this next article. Fire and ice are two opposites based on different thermal readings. Their difference is also analogous to the split nature of good and evil, yin and yang; yet those two halves always make a unified whole - you really can't have good in the world, unless there is some evil to balance and contrast against the good. Plus every action of the people within a society seems "good and permissible", if there are no set rules or guidelines to state otherwise.

The intriguing & futuristic DSNG Sci Fi Universe is full of good and evil. And certain locales that seem to be the breeding ground of good can also be the harvesting field of evil. The planet that I'll focus on is Planoris, the icy home world of the wolf-hybrids. Over the centuries, the wondrous residents of Planoris have left their frosty birthplace and migrated to the warm heart of the Beta sector, where planets Avera and Taran are located. And some of the most alluring female aliens in the DSNG Series hail from the giant cold world.

[Above, Fanart of Wandah showcasing one of her favorite pastimes. She's as speed nut and her home world is a dynamic hub for the production of conceptual thrusters that can be applied to hoverbikes / futuristic motorcylces. High-speed sports such as drag-racing completely thrill her. And her husband, Barak, is completely baffled by her adrenaline addiction. The inspiration for the concept motorcycle design above is shown below]

More Concept motorcycles linked to the TRON: LEGACY Movie and other futuristic hoverbike designs were posted in another blog article, HERE.

Those familiar with DSNG CHRONICLES Book 1 already know Wandah and Chebeyah quite well.
Wandah [she's dark-furred and regal-natured, plus she has a taste for Steampunk designs] is a surgeon who works at the Averan Medical Center. While her acquaintance, Chebeyah, works at the Averan Ministry of Alien Relations. Having white fur and long hair, Chebeyah is strong-minded and rather bold.

[Previous Blog Article on Wandah and Chebeyah is HERE]

They are both beautiful female aliens [from the Kataran alien race] that can be categorized as Wolf Hybrids [Not to be confused with Werewolves in any way]. Despite their obvious differing fur coats and tails, they are unique characters that instantly infuse the mind of observers with wonder [and in some cases, shameless lust].


[Wandah on the left, Chebeyah on the right. They are both alien wolf-hybrids from 2 different clans]

Beholding both of them could make you instantly conclude that their planetary heritage is a completely peaceful one, with an atmosphere pleasantly decorated with placidity and gentle snow drops showering over vast tundras. But Planoris is also home to other alien races who are far from gentle and compassionate in terms of their upheld corporate ideologies.

The Mighty Yetirons!

The Yetirons are also indigenous inhabitants of Planoris and they have a reputation on the giant icy planet as a ruthless host of hunters and bloodthirsty raiders.

Like the Katarans, the Yetirons are mystical beings; this means that they have a peculiar genetic make-up and distinct adaptations that they've developed to combat the frigid temperatures of their home world, while also being able to channel their magical arts in the creation of phenomenal contraptions. They live in hollowed-out mountain ranges along with various modern super-structures built and designed to withstand the chilly annual temperatures. Most of the wild rivers are frozen throughout the year, but the watercourses close to the inhabited zones are specially heated from below via rising thermal vents that are channeled through networks of antechambers, which arise to the surface from the planet's warm core [as seen in the modified sci fi wallpaper below]:

At first glance, the Yetirons appear to be classic abominable snowmen [relatives of the fabled Bigfoot, a Sasquatch that roams in mountainous snow covered regions]. But they are highly intellectual beings, and their stately intelligence is akin to a massive trunk of pride that supports the arrogant mentality of their patriarchs and clan leaders. The endless quest for singular supremacy and utter dominance are amongst the identifying traits that inwardly drive the Yetiron race [who number in the millions], and they were part of a crafty scheme that led to the death of a great Averan King... [the details of this plight are presented in DSNG Book 4]

The Yetirons have four fingers and four toes. Their women have hair on their heads while their men are bald from birth. As a race, they are extremely huge - their males stand at an average height of 8 feet, while their females are between 6 feet and 7 feet tall. The Yetirons are literally the "yang"; they are the other side of the coin, hailing from the icy world where rain never falls - snow and hail is all that they experience on their huge planet, which takes twice as long as Avera to complete a single annual cycle about the main star in the Gamma sector.

One of the most prominent Yetirons in the DSNG Sci Fi Series is Ska-Myra S'iyshaz. Ska is a voluptuous female Yetiron with beige-colored skin and a pleasant high-pitched voice. She is a physician and she works on planet Taran, and she is very familiar with BCI Technology.

Ska-Myra is best-friends with Wandah, since they both grew up together in neighboring communities. But growing up close didn't mean that they were both groomed with identical values or matching moral ideologies in their minds.
Ska has an insidious dark side that many people are completely ignorant of. Standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall, Ska-Myra was introduced in DSNG CHRONICLES Book 2, as she was making a business trip from Taran to Avera. And she was sent on a diabolical mission, which played-out over time. As the story unfolds, she is a widow - her Yetiron husband is dead - yet the details about his demise are still extremely sketchy...

Ska-Myra is related to another popular character, named Ska-Rusk. He is a monstrous being, having fangs in his mouth and a sole horn like that of a rhino on his forehead. Being a rugged warrior from his youth and the son of a prominent clan leader, Ska-Rusk stands at about 7 feet 6 inches tall and he weighs over 400 pounds. Some view him as a carnivorous man, who preys on the flesh and bone of his prey; and that may not be too far from the truth. He is a stone-cold killer, and he's actually part of the Northern Clique, the three top members of the Gorilla Rebel Militia.

Ska-Rusk makes a cameo in DSNG CHRONICLES Book 4 and DSNG Book 5. He isn't one to run his mouth, commonly allowing his actions to do the talking. Ska-Rusk doesn't wear any bulletproof vests or armor since he really doesn't need such epidermal coverings for protection; like most Yetiron male warriors, his skin is extremely durable. His giant broad sword is a mystical weapon and its powers are showcased briefly during the joint storyline listed above. And in Book 5 he pays a visit to a popular facility called the Angel House Entertainment Center on planetoid Darosa [one of the moons of Taran], along with the leader of the Northern Clique; someone who is even more of a ruthless headhunter than Ska-Rusk....

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