Thursday, April 7, 2011


Kra-Kan: A Lethal Alien Assassin

Kra-Kan was introduced in the Prologue of DSNG Chronicles Book 1. He is a veteran Gorilla operative. And before becoming a sniper for the notorious rebel militia, he was a disciple of Lord Marvus, a vicious Scalatan General. As a four-armed Scalatan he has extra limbs that provide him with additional leverage when handling weapons such as laser rifles, automatic pistols, handguns and swords. Standing at 7 feet tall and weighing over 300 pounds, his face is commonly hidden behind a hi-tech gorilla mask. And his true identity is only revealed to those that he works with.

As the Prologue of the DSNG sci fi series unfolds, he is associated with Yatzat. And he actually sympathizes slightly with her plight. Perhaps his glances of empathy are tied to his lust for the female doctor, per her alluring busty physique. His greatest flaw is his reluctance to often submit to authority. Although  he usually works alone, he always has assistance on stealth operations from the ruthless Gorilla AI known as Dagger.

A Stylish Mob Boss

Jut-Hun is an elusive character; a devious man that hides in broad daylight. He is the head of the Gorilla rebel faction that operates on planet Avera and on the colonized moon, Adena. Known for delivering thought provoking statements to his peers, Jut is a refined gentleman. Yet he also has a sadistic side, a part of his personality that few humanoids get to see... and live to tell about it.

He has two female bodyguards that also serve as his chauffeurs. One of them is Jesycat [she is a fellow Scalatan, and the "t" at the end of her name is silent], while the other is a female Averan named Daniela. Beyond secretly being a cool mobster, Jut is publicly known as a successful businessman. He is also a father; he has a 7-year-old daughter named Jutia. And his voluptuous wife is named Mieka.

He was already rich before his tenure as a regional mob boss of the Gorillas [there is a separate boss in charge of the affairs on the sister planet, Taran]. Yet his wealth was augmented by the lucrative activities that he manages on behalf of the evil Overlord.

Jut has a mind of his own. Despite strict orders from the Overlord, he has several associates [gritty independent strikers that make their living from crime] like Kinera. In the past, some of his peers involved in vile enterprises of their own have spoken against him, insisting that his association with other operatives outside of the Gorillas is an act of defiance - which could jeopardize the execution of major plans scripted by the clandestine Overlord.

But Jut-Hun commonly refused to respond to his vituperating critics with harsh words. Instead he answered them in the privacy of their bedrooms with 0.45-inch caliber bullets issued from the mouth of his silencer, before disappearing like a vengeful ghost.

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