Monday, August 12, 2019


Recently I updated some colored posters that showcase some of the main characters in the DSNG Sci Fi Series. These posters date back to 2010 - 2012, hence they were uploaded in my blog a long time ago.
As most of my fans know, DSNG stands for "Destiny Series the Neo-Genesis", and this dynamic Mature sci fi series features the adventures of Prince Azzar Omenus and his associates.

Above on the left side, the first poster / sci fi wallpaper features the Top 5 Centura elite soldiers. And the Centura are the combined military forces of planet Avera.
The Centura consists of The Alpha Senturis, The Imperial Knights, The Nova XSI Troopers and other law enforcement units. The Alpha Senturis are grouped as a branch of the Navy, while they focus on stealth / black-ops missions.
In that first poster above, their names from left to right are: Barak Konnrad, Trent Terronus, Vince Garroth, Wes Ezen and Obed Primon.
The first three guys are ranked as Commanders, while the last two are Generals. Azzar is just as formidable as they are, but he is ranked as the Senior Commanding Officer of the military, thus placing him directly beneath the Generals, Obed and Wes. These five men are all super-soldiers with various Biothermal abilities, ranging from things like flight and body mass expansion, to fireball projection and shield generation.

Commander Yatalia [shown on the right] is another formidable warrior. She was shown on the cover of DSNG ebook 4, available over HERE.

Like Azzar and Vince, Yatalia is a highly respected Alpha Senturi back-ops soldier. While having a love for Gothic themes and dark poetry, she has super-strong legs and she's a Muay Thai expert. Yatalia isn't shown in the group of the Top 5 soldiers above, but in one of the storylines, she was actually added to that list, by the bold words of Azzar, some time after Vince "died".

Anyway, the second broad poster above with the bluish background shows Prince Azzar and some of his close associates, adorned in civilian attire.
From left to right, we have: Azzar, Vince, Wandah, Chebeyah, Casey and Voxxana.

Vince is Azzar's best friend, while Casey is Azzar's secretary. Next, Dr. Wandah and Chebeyah are female Katarans from a wolf-hybrid race. Wandah has a laid-back persona, while Chebeyah is more serious and disciplined. Plus Wandah has a really big... heart :D
The Katarans hail from planet Planoris, the Ice World. And I wrote two former articles about the Katarans over HERE and HERE.

On the other hand, Voxxana is a female Scalatan, from planet Scalata. Her people usually have four arms and four eyes. And her race is shown in four articles listed below.
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This article is tagged as Part 33. Stay tuned for more cool stuff! And you can read the other Exploring DSNG Blog Articles with more pics, starting with Part 32, Over HERE!