Monday, March 14, 2011


Lethal Beauty...

Kinera Foxx is probably one of the most popular cast members from the DSNG sci fi series, per her pronounced assets. She was on the cover of Book1, shown along with Prince Azzar and Wandah Konnrad. 

Also known as the Golden Assassin, she’s one of those unforgettable characters, per her feisty attitude and her foul mouth. She exclusively accepts jobs from affluent female clientele, who can pay her 3-million-Cinar fee. And she only kills male targets. Of course there will always be casualties of war when things get dicey, but her focus always remains on the man she's sponsored to terminate.

Originally hailing from planet Erion, she is a resident of planet Taran, the hi-tech sister planet of Avera. The Taranians are known for their nanotech innovations and advanced technological breakthroughs. And Kinera utilizes a wide variety of sleek armor [mecha artwork designs] and automated weaponry to accomplish her tasks.

In a time past, she mentored a group of mercenaries known as the Infernal Acolytes.

Living a double life is something that she's learned to accept as a consequence of her career choice. Most people don't know her true identity, yet there are a few venal operatives that she associates with across the four sectors, who are aware of who she really is. Hazanat the Pirate [a Scalatan female] and Margitar the Pirate [an Entradan male] are two of her closest allies. And her husband, one of the richest men on planet Taran, is completely oblivious to her covert occupation.


In the pic above, via gyroscopic mag-lev stabilizers and electromagnetism, her extra weapons follow her armored suit, and her suit's AI helps to control their firing sequences. The "spikes" are actually mini-missiles and her custom sword has three blades.
Perhaps Kinera was destined to be a ruthless killer. Her pedigree back on planet Erion was full of headhunters, since her family was part of a warrior clan that served as hired guns for militias.

She utilizes a variety of morpher MECHs, and the name of her combat AI is Scar.
Having a male persona, Scar is a sentient machine. And he is rather used to the four letter words and incisive statements that are constantly made by his fierce mistress, one of the elite villains in the DSNG series. Patience and forgiveness are concepts that are foreign to her. If a man slaps her, she doesn't turn the other cheek; she just cuts off his head.

[Above: Sci Fi Fantasy Wallpapers featuring Kinera Foxx the golden assassin]



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