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An Intriguing Alien Race

The Scalatans are a wondrous race. They reside in the gamma sector, on planet Scalata.

Per their phenotype they appear as humanoids, but they possess unique traits. They have four arms, and tentacles located beside their heads upon their temples. These tentacles replace their ears, while hosting extra eyes. Some of them have tails, and others have spikes on their backs, like the female shown here.

Most of their people have skin tones that are shades of pink and purple, while they have various markings on their forehead. Having exotic features, their women are naturally well-endowed. And most of their men are very strong, per their genetics.

They are an advanced alien race, possessing nanotech breakthroughs that enhance their commercial products and daily lives. And as shown in the image on the left, the female is utilizing a chair designed with anti-grav boosters at its base. And there are alarm sensors in the chair that identify it as part of the furniture set in the office.

Currently having two major moons, Scalata is a planet known for its sweltering annual temperatures. Therefore the indigenous people have many dwellings that are created within hollowed-out mountain ranges and inside subterranean chambers. 

A Familiar Face...

One of the most popular Scalatan females is Yatzat [pronounced as Yat-sah], who was featured in the DSNG Chronicles Book 1 Prologue.


She is a beautiful female doctor who can often be viewed as a victim of circumstance. When she is introduced, she appears to be aligned with the ruthless Gorilla Rebel Militia - although she was forced into that role, compelled to join one of their genetics research labs. The tale of Yatzat's forced alignment with the Gorillas is explained as the story unfolds. Her plight carries on from the onset of the sci fi series in DSNG Book 1, and she plays a major role all the way up to Book 10 and beyond....

The 16-page Prologue was posted in the Deviantart gallery.

A Filthy Rich Young Lady

Voxxana Veraguddon is a news anchor for the GNN [Galactic News Network] and she was also first introduced in DSNG Book 1. Her younger sister [a pop diva] is named Velint, and they are both extremely close. She is the 7th out of 8 children, who are heirs to one of the most affluent pedigrees in the Makuran Galaxy. Her father, Lord Veraguddon, owns his own planetoid, along with a host of galactic firms that serve the four sectors.


As a female alien with purple skin, Voxxy has a very alluring form. And she lives a life that makes her the envy of many Scalatan princesses, young ladies also hailing from distinguished pedigrees. She is also an IP-Net celebrity, having numerous Web sites created by her adoring fans. These sites feature tons of her pics from photo shoots in her early modeling career, along with articles that speculate about her love life. Her winning smile and her voluptuous assets definitely assisted in boosting her fame. She has a witty younger sister named Velint, who looks rather different from her. And the article on Velint is over HERE.

Voxxy acts like she's a celebrity and there are those who believe she's nothing more than an arrogant snob. Perhaps its because she often says things that appear to be condescending - although she only vocalizes her opinions that are tied to her level of affluence.

She was once quoted as having said, "No Tony, I can't date you... well, its not you, its just that you're too poor to make me happy."
[Tony Kal-Slate was a renowned action movie star, making 10-million Cinars per flick]

Voxxana has a crush on Commander Vince. But they start butting heads right from the start of DSNG Chronicles Book 1 and the drama continues in DSNG Book 5...

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