Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Finally, I've published this ebook [which I started working on roughly 4 months ago], but the book's review took longer than I expected!
Being about 750 pages in MS Word, This new ebook is titled DSNG CHRONICLES 19 - WAR GAMES - PART 1, and it kicks off with a flashback, before the story gets connected to the former tale in Book 18. And like the rest of the DSNG stories, this sci fi tale is action-packed with adventure and drama, plus it's Rated M, For Mature Audiences.

I created a variety of covers,which show some of the characters that are featured in the story.
The first Cover [which I used for publishing] shows three of the main characters in this tale [from left to right]: Professor Axel, Teela Storm and Vince Garroth.
Vince is an Averan Alpha Senturi black-ops soldier and he is the best friend of Prince Azzar, while Teela is a Taranian girl linked to a mining / exploration firm, and Axel is an Entradan man that specializes in robotics and mechanical engineering. And somehow they all get tangled together in the new tale.

The Second Cover is a B&W version of the same pic. And the Third Cover shows Mya Funke; while the Fourth Cover shows Teela again, wearing her exo-suit. And her mecha-arm-cannon is activated in that pic.
Mya is actually a mercenary gifted with super strength, along with some other covert abilities. And she's a former super villain that was linked to the group called the Mega-Wolves. The former article showing more fan art of Mya was posted over HERE. And the custom action figure toy for Mya is over HERE.


Here is the Overview of the new ebook, which was posted at Amazon:
The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the nineteenth installment of the DSNG series! After being officially tagged as dead by the Centura military forces for almost two months, Commander Vince Garroth and his ally Teela Storm reappear upon planet Macur, as they are ejected from a mystic portal of unknown origins. Their sudden arrival upon an island based in the middle of the World Sea is interrupted by the emergence of a group of pirates aboard foreign K-Wing dropships, while they also encounter a stranded stranger with red skin, who appears to be a shipwrecked Entradan professor suffering from acute amnesia. Yet the arriving aquatic pirate beings are led by a fierce female Nauticon known as Akmerah. And she instantly chooses to bring back her three ractracons [prisoners] to the undersea facility that is known as the Krator Dome.

 A domino of explosive events are instantly triggered, as Vince and Teela are tossed headlong into a massive ring of aquatic pirates, gladiators, sponsors and other combat trainees, who all have their own selfish agendas while the annual violent arena-based competition known as the War Games is fast approaching. On the other hand, the red-skinned man named Professor Axel seems to have an agenda of his own, while he appears to have an origin that is far more mysterious than his allies are aware of.

Yet as a skilled Nauticon pirate, Akmerah is not alone; since she has a veteran female ally named Lindra, who serves as the Chief Gladiator Trainer. Additionally, Akmerah has two henchmen that are Newterons, while she reports to a potent Zarchon known as Drak-Jar The Fisherman. And Drak-Jar, a vicious war veteran, serves as the devious Director of the undersea Krator Dome, while he also oversees a band of ten Zarchon pirates and scavengers—including Akmerah, the only female agent. And those ten pirates periodically hunt through the sea and they raid civilian convoys, before bringing a portion of their recovered loot back to the Zarchon Director. And Drak-Jar is aligned with the current gladiator champion at the Dome, an immensely proud Zarchon warrior named Kreg-Mon the Monsoon.

Yet within the undersea cities of the Nauticons and Newterons, a nefarious wave of judgment has been sweeping through the ranks of the ten Zarchon pirates that serve Drak-Jar… and those pirates have steadily been dying, due to periodic attacks from a network of covert black operatives that are tagged as the Newteron Death Mongers. And the top NDM agent of retribution is a masked female pirate named Captain Lita Sharkka. So far, no one knows Sharkka’s origins or her true identity—since she’s only known for wearing all-black stealth gear and moving like the wind, while she kills potent Zarchon pirates without mercy. And the occurrences of her sudden attacks have been steadily increasing.

 And as the War Games approach within the submerged Krator Dome, the three captured ractracons named Vince, Teela and Axel, find themselves locked in a violent game of devious alliances and malevolent attacks, which may end up with a dangerous gamble. And that gamble may cost them not just their freedom, but their lives as well...

 - Part 19 of 19 e-books. Rated M for Mature; 750 pages

All right, be sure to download the new ebook over Here!!
You can get it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or kindle, as long as you download the free Kindle App to any of those devices first!!


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