Thursday, February 14, 2019


I can't believe that I didn't make this post last year in 2018... but I did post it in Facebook and Instagram...
Anyway, DSNG Chronicles Book 20 has been launched as an ebook at Amazon!

The story-line is Part 2 of the War Games. And it is centered on the adventures of Vince Garroth [an Alpha Senturi super-soldier] and Teela Storm, a Taranian young lady, who is Vince's business associate.
Together they get stranded on an aquatic planet, in a neighboring sector of the Makuran Galaxy... and all hell breaks loose, because of the wild male & female pirates, a commencing gladiator tournament, and other terrorist activities that are already taking place on that Water World, where there are three major aquatic races: The Zarchons, The Newterons and The Nauticons...

Shown on the cover of the ebook is Captain L. Sharkka, a fierce female Pirate, and part of the infamous Newteron Death Mongers.

Here's the ebook Overview for DSNG Book 20, giving a small summary:

The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the Twentieth installment of the DSNG series! On the Water World of planet Macur, after being rescued by Akmerah the Nauticon pirate and her henchmen, Commander Vince Garroth, Teela Storm and Professor Axel find themselves being thrust into an ancient competition on planet Macur: the Infamous bloody gladiator tournament known as the War Games!

But the day before the War Games begin, the atmosphere at the undersea Krator Dome is laced tension, since the three new guests are viewed as unworthy ractracons—aka prisoners. And that is what the three foreigners really are, at this point. Plus some members of the Top 8 gladiators also begin to target Vince, for diverse reasons; and one of those reasons is that he is a special foreign fighter, specifically an Averan super soldier, who is being inserted as an unpredictable wildcard into the War Games by the urges of Akmerah. And now, Vince and Teela both get to interact with various individuals from the three main aquatic races on Macur: The Zarchons, the Nauticons and the Newterons. Yet some of these aquatic aliens are friends, while others are foes in disguise...

 Conversely, the current gladiator champion is a potent Zarchon named Kreg-Mon the Monsoon. And following a previous exhibition of his strength before the eyes of some sponsors, Kreg has embarked upon a peculiar covert crusade to the Astronus Combat Pit. And his undisclosed venture will have far reaching consequences that will undoubtedly affect everyone within the Krator Dome. But Kreg has already given a kill-order to two pirates at the Dome, since there is someone that he desires to terminate before the Games even begin... Yet Drak-Jar the Fisherman is the bold and powerful Director of the Krator Dome. Despite his charisma and his broad grins, he is a vicious war veteran with a beastly mutant-form, which everyone fears. And some of his secretaries fear that he may be suffering from a strong case of PTSD….

Additionally, Drak-Jar’s team of ten pirates has been dwindling like fading sparks over the past few years, per the vicious hand of Captain Lita Sharkka, the female Death Monger who adorns herself in jet-black armor, while she wears a sleek black mask with four red eyes. Hence the only four surviving pirates that serve Drak-Jar are: Ratgar, Kral-Don, Zan-Jar and Akmerah—and she’s the only female in the group, who seems to be the most loyal to the Fisherman. It is obvious Drak-Jar fears Captain Sharkka, as do the other violent Zarchons that have ancient ties to the cult of the Dark Veins. And they also fear that Sharkka may strike during the ongoing War Games…

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And following a recent attack by two assassins while aboard a Class3 dropship, Akmerah continues her journey wit Teela, Lindra and Professor Axel, since she intends to visit the laboratory of the robotics professor named Han Harrig. And it is rumored that Han may have ties to the mysterious Death Monger known as Captain Sharkka. Teela also begins her training for the War Games under the guiding hand of Lindra, while she anticipates her reunion with Vince—who was left back at the Dome.

But Teela is also in possession of the Mystic Golden Key, which Professor Axel is fully aware of… and Axel is the only one who knows what that special key is truly capable of. But back at the Dome, after having a strange terrifying dream, Vince wakes up covered in sweat and fear. And he soon ends up in a fight for his life… and if he loses this battle, he may not make it to the War Games, in order to fight and earn his freedom!

 - Part 20 of 20 e-books. Rated M for Mature; 700 pages

All right, that's a wrap! This ebook is actually Part 2, out of a dynamic 4-Part storyline. The DSNG ebooks are Mature tales, featuring uncensored action, adventure, comedy and romance. And you can grab this ebook and download it over HERE!
You can get it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or kindle, as long as you download the free Kindle App to any of those devices first!!


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